Calligraphy for Beginners and Improvers

Level: beginners / some experience

Fee: £435

Date: 22-26 July 2019

Tutor: Rosella Garavaglia



This course is for you if you want to learn how to master the use of the broad edge pen, and to develop calligraphy skills at beginner and intermediate level. We will learn how to create beautiful letters in a range of scripts, how to put them into words by practicing good spacing. The more experienced learner will move on to embellish basic alphabets with elegant flourishes or to experiment on variations of the basic alphabet forms. Writing letters with pen and ink will be an invaluable source of inspiration for letter design, type design and for drawing inscriptions on stone.



Only a little more than five hundred years ago all books were written by hand. Medieval scribes would be astonished to learn that today there are machines which can not only read but also write. The act of writing was for the old scribe, as well as for the modern calligrapher, a personal experience of producing marks with simple tools (pen, ink and paper) to express thoughts and feelings through words.

On this short course, you will learn how to hold the pen at the correct angle to draw letterforms of a given script, to space letters and words correctly and to arrange the lines of text in attractive ways. Depending on your experience, and your speed at learning, you will practice different alphabets and numerals and explore variations of forms based on learned scripts.

We’ll initially focus on the Foundational hand, and throughout the week we’ll explore other scripts such as the Roman Capitals alphabet and perhaps the Italic Miniscules and Capitals.  Some may venture a go at Versals letterforms. We’ll bring all we’ve learnt together, using a variety of letterforms and exploring layout ideas including contrast of scale and size. To understand how the tools we use impact our work and offer a variety of effects and styles, we’ll have a play with different writing tools including the brush and pointed nibs.

By the end of the week, you should have created examples of alphabets and short quotations, and have developed a strong basis from which to continue developing your calligraphic skills.


What’s included: some materials including black Quink ink, paper and drawing boards.

What’s not included: your meals, other materials including Pilot parallel pens with ink cartridges, HB pencil, putty rubber and ruler.


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