2023 Awards for Continuing Students

The Art School is delighted to announce the winners of our 2023 awards and prizes for continuing students.

Our student prizes recognise excellence and achievement shown throughout the academic year, along with a number of awards for outstanding competition entries. As always, we have been extremely impressed with our students’ work and the high standard of competition entries. We would like to commend all students for their continued hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to our 2023 prize winners!



Artists Collecting Society Undergraduate Prize: Maria Andrievskaya (BA (Hons) Fine Art, Year 2)

City & Guilds of London Art School Gilding and Decorative Surfaces Prize for a Conservation student: Thomas Yeung (BA (Hons) Conservation: Stone, Wood and Decorative Surfaces, Year 1)

Fishmongers’ Company Menu Cover Design Prize: Elizabeth Allen (BA (Hons) Carving: Woodcarving and Gilding, Year 1)

Painter-Stainers Scholarship Prize: Louis Petit (BA (Hons) Fine Art, Year 1)

The Honourable Society of Knights of the Round Table Award: Alex Wheeldon (BA (Hons) Carving: Stone Carving, Year 2) and Savannah Grieve (BA (Hons) Conservation, Year 2)



Brinsley Ford Travel Award: Henry Brown (BA (Hons) Carving: Woodcarving and Gilding, Year 2)

David Ballardie Memorial Travel Award: Zoe Klink (BA (Hons) Fine Art, Year 2)

Fishmongers’ Company Beckwith Travel and Scholarship Prize: Kate Appleby (BA (Hons) Fine Art, Year 2)

Skinners’ Company Philip Connard Travel Prize: Issy Eberlin (BA (Hons) Fine Art, Year 2)



Surveyors’ Club Prize: Alex Wheeldon (BA (Hons) Carving: Stone Carving, Year 2)


We would also like to congratulate all our 2023 graduating student prize winners, who received their awards during their graduation ceremony on 23 June 2023.


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