Student Funding

We know that it can be difficult to cover the cost of your studies and living expenses. It’s important to us that if you have the determination and potential to thrive on one of our specialist courses, you get every opportunity to study with us, regardless of your background, age group or financial circumstances.

There are range of grants available to help fund your study. A list of sources of funding which the Art School has identified is available here, but you should also research other possibilities yourself, as grants are often applicable to specific or local circumstances

The Art School also provides a selection of grants and we are also able to offer financial assistance funded by a number of organisations and individuals who value our commitment to champion specialist subjects, provide high levels of tutor contact time (about twice that of other London-based arts university courses) and continue delivering high standards of excellence.

Over 40% of our students usually benefit from one of our grants in an average year.  The award is typically 33% to 50% of the tuition fee for a year, though some cover a larger percentage.

We are now able to offer a limited number of grants to support international students, including students from the EU, who would not otherwise have the means to study at the Art School.

More information about grants and financial assistance for each course is available here:

Foundation Diploma Art & Design
BA (Hons) Fine Art
MA Fine Art
BA (Hons) Conservation: Stone, Wood & Decorative Surfaces
BA (Hons) Conservation: Books & Paper
MA Conservation
BA (Hons) Carving: Architectural Stone
BA (Hons) Carving: Woodcarving & Gilding
PgDip/MA Carving


If you are an existing student and experience a change in circumstances that leads to unanticipated financial hardship, you may apply for financial assistance from our Hardship Fund. Our Hardship Fund is designed to provide short term support rather than financing your course.  To find out more about our Hardship Fund, please contact us at


If you are a national of England or Northern Ireland and planning to study for your first Honours degree with us, you are probably eligible for support from the Student Loan Company (SLC).

More information about student loans is available on the ‘Fees and Funding’ page for each course.

Students on our Foundation Diploma in Art & Design course are not eligible for any government loans provided by Student Loans Company nor the Advanced Learner Loan to support their tuition payments for the course.


Once you’ve accepted a place on one of our courses, you can apply for financial assistance. The application process starts from mid-January of the year your study commences.  You may apply until 30 November but to give you the best opportunity to secure financial assistance, it is a good idea to submit your application as soon as you can, ideally by the end of May.


To learn more about the application procedure and/or apply, please visit this page: Bursaries application form and guide

Email the following items to us at

o  your CV

o  an Illustrated Statement (500-1000 words) describing your geographical, familial and educational background, and your achievements and future aspirations. Please also include a photograph of you and images of your artwork, if applicable, (with title, dimension, media, year of production)

o  documentation to evidence your circumstances such as proof of household income, student loan agreement or benefits letter.

To help us process your application quickly, please include the following in the subject header of your email:

“GFA Application: your full name and your course title”

If we need to discuss any elements of your application with you, we’ll contact you. Otherwise we aim to let you know the outcome of your application as soon as possible.


Read all our guidance before completing your application form and submit your form as soon as you can.

It’s not possible to save your answers once you have started completing the application form, so we recommend that you review and prepare your answers in advance. You can find a link to the full list of questions here.

Many of our grants are supported by charitable funds and organisations who often have specific criteria about who can benefit from the support they provide. Make sure you send us all the supporting information we ask for, as well as the application form, so we have as much information about your circumstances as possible.

The donors who are providing the funding for our grants are investing in YOU, so help them get to know you and your passions, aims and ambitions in your illustrated statement.

Proofread your illustrated statement and other submissions before you send them to us to ensure there are no typos, spelling mistakes or missing information.

Make sure your contact information is correct otherwise we may struggle to get back in touch with you!


Luc Nonga, BA (Hons) Fine Art

For his full three years of study at the Art School, Luc received a grant funded by the Lawrence Atwell Charitable Trust, run by The Skinners’ Company.

“When I decided to apply to Art School, I was concerned about financing my studies, but the drive to become an artist was strong. After my interview I was so happy to be offered a place on the course!

At the interview I was helped to understand the student loan system and was invited to apply for a grant that I was successful in gaining. During my three years at City & Guilds of London Art School I was able to pay for my course thanks to the grant, without which I would have found it very difficult to study at this level.

I’m happy to say that because of the Art School I’m now building my way up professionally as an artist, thanks to the contacts I made at our final year show. I believe that because of my time there I’ve developed the ability to push boundaries as an artist without fear of making mistakes, something that I’m applying now in my current studio practice thanks to my tutors and Art School. Overall, City & Guilds of London Art School was a great experience and one that I’ll always cherish.”

Philip Green, BA (Hons) Historic Carving: Architectural Stone

Following my passion and building on my stonemasonry background by studying Historic Carving at the Art School, simply wouldn’t have been possible for me without financial assistance. Thanks to generous support from several charities and organisations, I have been able to spend 3 years bettering myself, understanding historic styles, and improving my modelling, drawing and stone carving ability, with the aim to skilfully restore heritage buildings in the sympathetic way they deserve.”


Ffion Howells, BA (Hons) Conservation Studies

“Being a recipient of a generous bursary from the Lawrence Atwell enabled me to dedicate so much time to my studies. Sponsorship from the Zibby Garnet Travelling Fellowship, Venice in Peril, the Gabo Trust and the Clothworkers Foundation, took me to countries including Italy, Russia and Hong Kong. To have had the experience of witnessing conservation practice and meeting practitioners from around the world, has certainly broadened my horizons as well as my understanding of the profession within a global context.”


Anastasya Martynova, Diploma Ornamental Woodcarving & Gilding

“I was […] grateful to have received a bursary from the Drapers’ Company, which paid for my course fees while at the Art School, which meant I could fully focus on my studies and take on less Art Directing TV work. I was also delighted upon graduation to receive the William Wheeler Prize for Outstanding Work, which was a lovely send-off and gave me even more confidence.”


Joshua Dales, BA (Hons) Conservation Studies

“I received a bursary in my final year, providing help to cover my tuition fees. It was the busiest time of the course for me, and this allowed me to concentrate on my thesis and dedicate myself fully to completing my practical work.”


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