At City & Guilds of London Art School we are committed to widening participation in higher education and offering the opportunity our specialist courses provide based on merit and potential. Alongside the Art School’s own grants a number of organisations and individuals support our students with financial assistance through a range of grants and financial assistance. This is in recognition of our deserved reputation for excellence, our commitment to providing high levels of contact time with active professionals and our championing of specialist subjects.

Financial Assistance, Bursary Grants

Financial assistance, usually in the form of a Bursary Grant, is awarded on the basis of demonstrable need and ability, and is subject to criteria such as household income. Over 40% of BA and MA students usually benefit from a grant or financial assistance in an average year.  The average award is 33% to 50% of the tuition fee for a year, though some cover a larger percentage.

Should you wish to be considered for a Bursary Grant and would like further information on your particular course please read the information provided in the Are there any Grants or Financial Awards? on the Apply page.

Applicants must have been offered a place in one of the Art School’s courses before submitting an application.

Please note our applications for financial assistance will open in February 2020. The deadline for applications of incoming students vary according to the course, but is usually by end of May each year. Please contact us directly with any further queries at

The Art School also operates a Hardship Fund that enrolled students can apply to if they have a change in circumstance that leads to unanticipated financial hardship. Please note that the fund is not sufficient to finance a student’s course of study and is only intended to provide short term support where circumstances have significantly changed.


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