Ana Kazaroff

I collect images, memories and objects and use them as influences in my practice, making unexpected associations to create a fiction in its own right. My work is informed by the processes of hybridisation and the mistranslations that happen when elements from one culture travel and adapt to a new one. I make installations where I use smell, paintings, and sculptures made of wood, polystyrene and plaster, painted to look like different surfaces. I like drawing connections between everyday materials, especially processed meats and stone, as they have a similar type of conglomerate composition.

Painting faux finishes is a way of questioning the hierarchy between materials as it has the added value of the handmade. I am particularly interested in faking materials as a way of faking status, in the same way migrating allows us to build our own autobiographies and myths when starting a new life in a new place. I also use the fake in my work in relation to stereotypes and authenticity as a reflection of my experience as a Latin American immigrant.

During the fellowship, I would like to develop my technique for marbling and woodgraining on 3-dimensional objects as well as researching options for achieving a range of varnished finishes to enhance these textures.

Instagram: @anakazaroff


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