Ana Kazaroff

I make wooden sculptures and paint them like other materials as I am interested in the idea of the fake in relation to cultural stereotypes. I like the unexpected effect of the fake; things don’t seem what they are. The shapes and textures come from different places and times. I play with the processes of hybridisation and the mistranslations that happen when elements from one culture travel and adapt to a new one. I associate objects that have a similar texture or connotation, like salami and terrazzo.

During the Fellowship, I would like to learn about how traditional craft fits into contemporary art practice and explore that in my own work. In order to do that, I will employ traditional woodwork techniques, such as carving, joinery and woodturning to make sculptures that remind of everyday objects. Wood is so fundamental a material, but as a result easily overlooked. I like using it in unexpected ways to bring feelings of strangeness.




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