Blaze Cyan

My work begins as exploration. Working with trees as primary subject matter is the perfect excuse to wander in woods and parkland.  Hours of walking and observation precedes all my work. Gathering tactile information, collecting interesting pieces of twisted wood and stones with meandering veins, but most importantly memories.

Inspiration comes from the mysterious and anthropomorphic nature of ancient trees. They invoke empathy and personal connection whilst simultaneously transcending human timescales and ideas of mortality. I use monochrome for its unnatural perfection, a visual incompleteness and polarizing of tonal values, making that which could be grotesque, appear beautiful and fascinating.

The advice and mentoring I have received from the print tutors has been extremely valuable. It has enabled me to continue developing my own practice to a level where I have now been elected as an associate member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.

The continuing support with my technical knowledge, and the experience I have gained from working with the students at C&G has also resulted in my employment at Putney School of Art as an etching tutor, for the past 18 months.


Twitter: @BlazeCyan
Instagram: @blazecyan


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