Caroline Jane Harris

My work is positioned around a continuous dialogue between historical and contemporary techniques of printmaking, drawing and photography. Through my process I investigate spaces and connections between the physical, immaterial, digital and ‘natural’, to form a relationship between the observed and the observer. As seen in nature, the pieces build in layers over time, resulting in hybrid objects that index both the computational and the artist’s attention. My process-based works often involve de-constructing and re-forming an image by means of digital intervention to using a scalpel to cut-away details by hand; pencil rubbings to reveal a surface or colour mixing through multi-plate transparency etchings.

My undergraduate studies in Fine Art Printmaking inform my core thinking around materiality of an image, surface and technology. Completing a Masters at City & Guilds of London Art School, and subsequently the fellowship has allowed me to re-examine and expand the roll of traditional printmaking in my work. Through having the time, access to facilities and feedback from fellow tutors and peers, I have developed a new language in intaglio which compliments and diversifies my current practice. Experimenting in the print-room has seen me use hand-cut paper with aquatint and photo-etching processes, to produce prints which directly refer to both the hand-made and binary information.



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