Catherine Greenwood

Catherine is re-discovering traditional etching methods alongside her experimental approach to printmaking. Examining themes and ideas made in call and response to the landscape and figure are channelled into etchings having initiated as expressive drawings paintings and photographs.

The human connection to the landscape is explored with reference to ancient sites and natural phenomena. The oscillation that occurs between them creates as dialogue of imagery that touches on the seen and unseen, the spaces in between and the unsaid, posing questions about our existence.

“I aim to direct people’s attention towards a still place in themselves through which they can be reflective about the world and their place in it.”

Love and playing of traditional music pervades the work.

Catherine runs her own print studio in Sussex, has worked as a teacher and an Environmental Educator and raised a family of three children. She studied at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, BA. Hons. Kent Institute of Art and Design, M.A. University of Maine USA. She has exhibited widely, most recently R.A. Summer Exhibition, London, Zillah Bell, Thirsk Original print Show, ‘Translations’ Body Talk conference, Greenwich University, ‘Tomorrow’s Child’ Houses of Parliament, London.

The Print Fellowship at City and Guilds has given Catherine the opportunity to share her love of printmaking with students and colleagues in the Print Dept; this integral camaraderie has been a beneficial part enabling me to gain confidence as a technician and print tutor and also to be an inspiration for technical challenge.




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