Confirmations of Study and Replacement Certificates & Transcripts

The safety and security of your certificate is important: not only because replacements will cost you time and money but because your certificate is an official, legal document and you are only allowed to hold one copy. To help keep your certificate safe, we advise that you never send it to a third party and, instead, consider having a solicitor make a certified copy if it is necessary for a job or further study application.

However, we do understand that, in spite of best efforts, certificates do go missing and replacements are required: please follow the guidance below to ensure you are contacting the correct institution for your documents.

The Art School is NOT part of the City & Guilds Group

As the Art School is not part of the City & Guilds Group, if you completed a City & Guilds course then you must contact the Centre where you studied.

The Art School offers the following subject areas: Foundation Art & Design, Fine Art, Carving & Conservation. If your course is not included on this list it is likely your award was validated by City & Guilds Group also know and City & Guilds and City & Guilds Institute.


If you graduated from our Foundation course in Summer 2012 or after, please contact UAL Awarding Body ( ) for your replacement certificate. Otherwise, please complete the Art School form below.

BA and MA courses

If you graduated from any of our BA or MA courses before Summer 2019, please use the following link to request Certificates and Transcripts from, our then validating partner, Birmingham City University:

If you graduated from any of our BA or MA courses in Summer 2019 or after, please contact the Registry at Ravensbourne University London for replacement Certificates:, and the Art School for replacement Transcripts, using the form below.

Other Courses

If you graduated from one of our Diploma courses, from our Foundation course before Summer 2012, or require either a BA or MA Transcript for study after Summer 2019, please complete the form below ensuring the correct payment.


Art School Request Form for Confirmations of Study and replacement Certificates & Transcripts

  • Your details

  • Details of your course

  • Required Documents

  • You will need to upload a scanned copy of one of the following types of identication. Please indicate which type of ID you will upload:

  • Max. file size: 16 MB.
    Note: Files must not exceed 16MB in size.

  • Please tell us which of the following you require

  • Payments and Fulfillment of request

    Please note that payment instructions are included in the confirmation of receipt email. Unfortunately requests for replacement certificates and transcripts cannot be processed until payment has been received. You can usually expect for your Confirmation of Study or replacement Certificate and/or Transcript to be mailed ten-days following payment however, from the beginning of June through to the end of September, it may take longer.


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