Ghislain Puget

There are two main themes in my sculpture work. The first is the tensions between the form of the sculpture – the way it inhabits its space, the material used and the process by which the form is created out of that material. For example, I have used industrial machinery to create seemingly organic structures out of stone or wood. Whilst respecting the original shape of the material, I am also interested in the process of fracturing, bending or moulding this shape to give a new dimension to the material.


The other major theme of my work is the relationship between the plinth and the sculpture. Since I began creating sculptures, the plinth has always seemed to restrain the sculpture, simultaneously elevating it and anchoring it to the ground, which is why I created a series of suspended sculptures. I am currently working with everyday objects that I use as a base material, breaking their original form and function to give them a new life. Here the plinth is absorbed into the sculpture, where it supports the work but is also an integral part of it.



1993 – 1999 BA and MA at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris
Key tutors: Richard Deacon (final year), Joel Fisher, Jean Cardot

1986 – 1991 BP/CAP Stone carving, Paris, France
Equivalent to GNVQ Levels 3 and 4 in restoration of historic monuments, architectural stone carving and sculptural ornamentation


Group Exhibitions

Spaceworks, The Others, London
Art is Fayre, Jago Gallery, London
Emporium Gallery. London
Entelechy, Rhythm Factory, London
Colour Blind, Nolia’s Gallery, London
Off The Rails, Bethnal Green, London
Natural History Museum, Paris, France
Galerie Generique, Paris, France
Galerie Breguet, Paris, France
Galerie Gauche Beaux Arts, Paris, France
Galerie CROUS Bernanos, Paris, France


Public Collections

Tatihou Island Museum, Cherbourg, France
– sculpture purchased for contemporary art centre



Picardy Museum, Amiens, France
– organised sculpture workshops for school groups



Catalogue for Jardin Des Plantes
EDF GDF Sculpture prize – runner up in national sculpture prize sponsored by French electricity company


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