Gray Wielebinski

Gray’s work explores Gender and Sexuality and how they intersect with other structures of power and identity. They create an iconography that both maintains and interrupts coded imagery to build an alternative space of both familiarity and discomfort, allowing the viewer to recognize and deconstruct their relationships to familiar images, objects, spaces, and notions of themselves. Ultimately collage plays an integral role in their practice, taking on many forms, from video and sculpture to sound and printmaking.

As they explore their own tenuous relationship with their gender and body, Gray’s work uses a variety of strategies through which to explore identity, specifically ambivalent relationships to masculinity. Recently Gray’s research and practice uses sports for both aesthetics and metaphor as an entry point to explore themes such as national identity (specifically the US and Americana), desire, myth making, surveillance, hierarchies, race, and gender. Ultimately Gray’s practice becomes a way to engage directly with the realities and contexts within which we live while at the same time imagining and proposing alternatives, even if it’s just in our imaginations.

Gray Wielebinski is an artist working between London and Los Angeles in print, video, performance, sound, sculpture, and installation. They graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art with a Masters in Fine Art Media in 2018 and was recently Artist in Residence at the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong. Gray has recently exhibited with Gazelli Art House and B. Dewitt Gallery in London, Primary in Nottingham, TURF Projects in Croydon and exhibits internationally in places like LA, New York, Canada, Greece, Copenhagen. They have an upcoming residency at Casa de Dona Laura in Portugal funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and have upcoming exhibitions at Lychee One in London and Organon in Odense, Denmark in September 2019.



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