Jessie Makinson

Jessie Makinson’s practice focuses on multi-figure paintings of women as a reference to the representation of women in art history and celebrity pop culture. The paintings are dense with recollections and impressions, questioning with humorous and often capricious proposals. The figures are difficult to separate from their place and relation to the rooms and spaces they inhabit. The eye is drawn first to their rich intricacies, before the planes surrounding them tilt and pull away. Scale affects pace, and the act of looking transitions between recognition and interpretation as it scans both the scene and its painterly textures.

In an interview with Tom Groves, Head of Art Histories, Jessie reflects on her time on the residency:   “I think all residencies are different. In some you don’t make anything while you’re there, because you are busy experiencing things. The City and Guilds of London Art School residency is incredibly valuable – probably the best residency in London. It’s such a fantastic location, beautiful studios, great facilities and technicians. If you want to experiment with new mediums, this is perfect. You can walk into a workshop and tell the technician what you want to make, and they’ll have loads of ideas and patience to help you make it.”

You can download a full transcript of the interview here.


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