Joshua Freddie Vaughn

My work employs sculpture, wood working, metal casting, writing, and image production to synthesise various topics I am researching, often dipping into irreverence and hyperbole, but earnest at base. Current topics of research are the rise of genetic determinism (a deeply inhuman form of religion), the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, North Korea, and science fiction. As such my current works carry the appearance of objects of worship, altarpieces, totems and relics that are redolent of a modern day spirituality, but ultimately relate to the human in scale and use.

The fellowship at City & Guilds of London Art School has allowed me a focussed time to explore the reciprocity between material and myth production, and how the use of wood, its history and methods of production, inflect the myths I am developing in my practice. This reciprocity is a dynamic that has developed into a dialogue that has lead my work towards new avenues.



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