Kathryn Graham

My work explores time, memory, experience and space. Work manifests through and intimate understanding of my upbringing and surroundings, in affinity to childhood memory and Northern Irish identity. I seek to blur the boundaries of space, public and private, focusing on the urban and domestic. My cathartic means of working displays a time that once was, or never has been. As Fictions emerge through repressed memories, dreams and encounters of stories as images. Narrative is constructed through 2D and 3D objects, prints and installation. Time is reactivated, and there is a re-enactment of experiences. Concepts of austerity, conflict and identity within the work relate beyond my own experience and to a wider social and cultural context. My work is a response. I use my own experience as a means to retell and to break down barriers.

During the Print Fellowship I wish to pursue image making in form of intricate etchings. I aim to enhance my skills in the craft and learn invaluable technique from the widely experienced staff and gain vital experience aiding students of all levels.

Website: kathryngraham.org
Instagram: @Kathryn Graham


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