Kristina Chan

My works are a culmination and accumulation into site specific history to depict socio-cultural entropic narratives. They explore the correlation between architecture and sculptural landscapes of derelict and disused spaces. I seek sites where the intersection between function and intention have fallen into decline and disrepair, where untold histories recount themselves, in all their brevity, satire, beauty, and collapse. I work within the reimagined human landscape: the world we shape to suit our needs and what happens when their obsolescence renders them irrelevant.

I graduated with an MA Print from the Royal College of Art and trained in analogue and digital photography, lithography, etching, screen print, and digital media manipulation. I have exhibited works in the Louvre Museum, Oseania kunst og kultursenter, Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp, Mall Galleries, and have works in the V&A Museum permanent archives and in the Royal Collection.

During the Print Fellowship, I will aim to explore the digital intersection of traditional processes to discover new innovative means of mark-making.

Photo credit: Oliver Holms

Instagram: @kristina_chan_


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