Lucy Devenish

Lucy Devenish’s practice is driven by her explorations of remote landscapes. She makes journeys to far-flung coastal areas of the British Isles where she undertakes wild swims. Each swim is an act of endurance and immersion: working becomes breathing, sweating, struggling.

Lucy translates the sketches she has made, the maps she has scrutinised and the film footage from the swims into bodies of work relating to the coastlines experienced. Recognition of the dispersal of her wake in the water is the driving force for her making through which she seeks both to recollect and to map her encounters.


During my time as a Print Fellow I have co-curated, co-organised and exhibited in a number of exhibitions. These include: The Mountain Arts Festival (Rheged, Cumbria) October 2015 & 2016; Convergence: Swim, Walk, Explore (Vyner Street, London) May 2016 and Uncommon Ground: New Art from the Landscape (The RGS, London), Feb 2017. My etching ‘Scarborough’ was selected for the Royal Academy’s 2014 Summer Exhibition.

In terms of learning how to run a traditional intaglio etching studio, my time spent as a Print Fellow was invaluable. I gained experience in the capacity of both technician and tutor, as well as using the studio to continue with my own practice. I relished working within the close-knit community of artists (staff and students) that is an integral part of the culture at City & Guilds of London Art School.



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