Mils Bridgewater


I am fascinated by the complex relationship between domesticated animals and humans, what we value and why. Born from personal memories, loss and experiences the works broaden into socio-political sculptures that frequently asks the viewer to look deeper into their own conscience. I am a story teller; a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for glass. I am interested in pushing my knowledge to new extremes, often resulting in recognised failure that I embrace as works in their own right. Recycling and experimenting with unconventional glass types is a part of my growing practice.

Glass is a magical transcendent amorphous material, at times a liquid and at others a solid, that takes years of experimentation and exploration to master. Despite an MA in glass form the Royal College of Art I believe my glass journey is just beginning and to be a Glass Fellow here at City and Guilds, where my introduction to this material took place, is an honour. I hope to inspire and be inspired by the students from across the City and Guilds’ artistic and creative disciplines and to make the best use of the facilities to help both the students and my own practice grow and develop.

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