Our day at Chatsworth House

Our first year conservators were welcomed at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire during their final week of term. It was an exciting prospect for all and, for some students, their first visit to the North West of England. The group were greeted on arrival by Alice, Devonshire Collections Manager and Emma, Tour Guide and Housekeeper and were shown through the interior of the house with knowledgeable commentary from Emma. The house is in the final stages of an essential restoration project known as ‘The Masterplan’ which was designed to improve access and enjoyment for its visitors. With plenty of work still ahead, the students were introduced to stonework and woodcarvings in need of conservation and these projects featured in discussions over lunch. Lunch was provided in the elegant dining rooms of the Flying Childers Restaurant where the group were joined by Alex, garden manager, and Luke, head of housekeepers’ team. Following lunch, the group were treated to a garden tour from Alex who spoke about her plans for an upcoming garden sculpture exhibition. After an insightful day the students came away with great respect for the team of people who care for Chatsworth House and Gardens and who will, ultimately, secure it for future generations to come. 


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