Patrick Readings

My work utilises contemporary carpentry to build monuments that merge the architectural and design styles of historic political hegemonies with contemporary consumer aesthetics (particularly those from fitness, wellbeing, and ergonomics). The idea being that if we can see ergonomic detailing as filigree – which is a conscious extravagance rather than a performance enhancing, engineering necessity- then the scientistic parlance of this industry becomes more open to interpretation or appropriation, and less authoritative. In order to mimic the visual language of ergonomics, I often take patterns found in grips for razors, toothbrushes, or trainer soles, and recreate them in much more pronounced positions.

Throughout the fellowship I am looking forward to working alongside someone who can teach me advanced aspects of woodworking – particularly carving and joinery, in an environment that encourages the earnest pursuit of craft within contemporary art discourse. The Artist Woodwork Fellowship seems to be the perfect opportunity for me to mobilise my enthusiasm for both creative and conceptual practice.

Instagram: @patrickjreadings


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