Peter Thuring

After studying photography and film at the Art Acadamie St Joost in Breda Holland,  Thuring moved to London and set up his own photographic studio at 5 Thurloe Square. Particularly engaged in portraiture and still life photography, working on major advertising campaigns and editorial, Thuring lived in Paris and Brussels before deciding to give it all up to pursue his continued interest in woodwork.

Peter has worked for many years, as woodcarver, sculptor, gilder and restorer of antique furniture and picture frames with commissions from The National Trust, the Royal Collection as well as numerous museums, institutions and private collections worldwide.

Alongside his practice he has worked with the Art School for the last 5 years, sharing his execeptional knowledge and experience with the next generation of carvers. He is very keen in this digital age to celebrate the hands on experience and satisfaction gained by a combination of  physical and cerebral application to the whole process of woodcarving.

He feels that the intimate atmosphere and fertile ground of the City & Guilds of London Art School, with its small groups of students, enables individuals to tackle the challenges and exciting prospect of building a professional career as a specialist carver.

‘I hope to be a complimentary part of the teaching team and to enrich the students further through my practical knowledge and understanding of this fascinating subject.’

More of Peters work can be found at

A film of Peter making the stunning Uppark table can be found here 


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