Rachel Goodison

My practice is rooted in the figurative. My aim is to create an atmosphere at once exuberant and humorous but at the same time, one of disquiet.  I am increasingly interested in exploring parallels between the human and natural worlds, seeking shared patterns, thereby emphasising that we are essentially part of the world of matter, and no more.

I am also fascinated by play, in particular the free play of a young child, which I believe is very close to the creative process of an artist. This playfulness can be imaginative, and joyful; it can be utterly absorbing, it can dispel anxiety and have healing qualities. But a child’s play can also be quite dark. It is this contrast between playfulness and disquiet that, to me, embodies what it is to be human – at once absurd, joyful, light and dark.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist, working across different media, including carving, soft sculpture, paint and print.  Printing is central to my practice, helping to investigate and to express ideas. During my Fellowship, I will explore a wide range of printing techniques in dialogue with tutors, technicians and students alike. I will also learn how to set up and run a Print Workshop.

Website: rachelgoodison.com
Instagram: @rachelgoodison1


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