Raen Barnsley

I am a multidisciplinary artist who produces visual representations of my dyslexia when faced with sequential information. Creating physical manifestations of how I process written and verbal language, I use the illustrative metanarrative of Greek mythology. Analysing these written stories, I select words that embed in my mind and that defy my lack of working memory. I signify these words by using motifs, signs, and an alphabet of shapes that weave in and out a structure’s clasp. The shapes hint at broken and suspended connections, existing as floating silhouettes that create illusionary depth.

I am influenced by the possibilities of contemporary imaging software and cartography’s subjective depictions of space. Spanning print, painting, collage, and sculpture, my works are produced in a similar method to the production of digital images; using multiple layers, areas of indicated transparency, and highly saturated, screen-type colours. I align the virtual with the non-virtual, with hand-produced work made with traditional techniques.

During this fellowship, I aim to explore more of a personal narrative through the use of digitally inspired relief sculptures, both wall-bound and free standing. I will learn new techniques regarding how to construct my work, how materials can interact with each other, and also expand my knowledge on the range of materials available to use.

Website: www.raenbarnsley.com
Instagram: instagram.com/raenbarnsley


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