Rebecca Molloy

Molloy’s practice embraces painting, sculpture and installation as a way to explore what it is to exist as a human today. Human behaviour, our relationship with objects, each other and the world around us are some of the themes that Molloy explores, as she navigates herself and the work on a journey into understanding how our bodies and mind exist in the digital and physical worlds.

Video is used as a visual space which allows for Molloy to combine painting, object making and installation within the reality of the screen. This reality on first appearance is a candied world, that offers the viewer an encounter with pleasure and indulgence. On closer inspection this world offers the viewer a deeper understanding, one that explores the darker sides of having a body and being a human today.

Development on the residency:
During the residency at City and Guilds of London Art School, 2015, Molloy created ‘Diet Coke Break’ an installation that explored the role of sugar on the human brain. A giant doughnut sat alongside rugs painted on the floor and icing clad coffee tables. Molloy used the residency to explore the physiological affects that happen to humans when they look at items of confectionary and how this can be transferred into an exhibition setting. Molloy also completed a solo exhibition at the Vitrine Gallery, Bermondsey square, London during her time on the residency entitled ‘Till Death do us Party’, which included video pieces and sculpture within a window based vitrine.


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