Roberta de Caro

The link between materials, processes and meaning is at the heart of my research. In my multi-disciplinary practice, I explore materials and ideas through a variety of art processes that often involve glassmaking.

A medium of endless possibilities, glass is a constant in my work, often playfully disguised as other materials: wax, wool, soap or even white chocolate! For me, glassmaking is a means to reflect upon the intricate web of interconnected histories that relate to the specific material I am working with, to its past, and to what it represents in contemporary life both on a personal and universal level.

I am fascinated by the alchemy of transferring thoughts and psychological states onto materials through making, transforming the art object into the embodiment of inner states, lived experiences and ideas, hence creating new meaning. Presented in installations as physical metaphors, the artwork created allows insights into the web of deeper associations that materials unconsciously elicit, making us question the way we interpret reality.

During the Fellowship I intend to continue my research into glassmaking as a way of ‘processing through process’ in line with the Art School’s ethos of encouraging ‘thinking through materials’. Through glass processes such as casting, screenprinting and sandblasting, I will explore the themes of repair and interconnectedness.




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