Online Teaching Health & Safety declaration
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  • By checking the 'I agree' box and clicking the 'Submit' button below you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the following principles for working safely while teaching online and working from home.

    I understand that there can be inherent risks with practical project work. By demonstrating and supervising practical work for students I confirm that:

    1. I will use my Health & Safety knowledge to eliminate risks and potential dangers

    2. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring I observe best practice in maintaining Health & Safety good practice, and I am responsible for my own safety and for demonstrating safe working practices to students.

    3. I will ensure that my own working area adheres to good practice in ensuring the space available is kept hazard free, has suitable stable working surfaces and ventilation, and I will promote this approach to students.

    4. I will remind students to pay due attention and check the labels of any products they use, to verify their appropriateness for the task and for the conditions in which they are working.

    5. I will check any and all relevant safety data sheets related to materials students and I will be using in any demonstrations, to ensure that any hazards are identified and precautions required are identified and employed when using materials.

    6. I will promote where necessary the use personal protective equipment, such as gloves or dust masks, as and where required and recommended on the product information.

    7. I will promote the use of hygiene guidelines related to the materials used, particularly in relation to hand hygiene and other guidance related to COVID-19.

    8. It is my responsibility to ensure that other people, children and animals, are not detrimentally affected by my working practices.

    9. I will follow manufacturers advise and guidelines in regards to the handling, storage and disposal of any materials I use in demonstrations.

    I accept that it is my responsibility to check that the students I am supervising are planning their work with due regard to safe working practices.

    By checking the 'I agree' box and clicking 'Submit' I am informing my Line Manager that I have read all of the above and accept these terms and conditions for working from home.


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