The Art Monthly Prize for Critical Writing

The Art Histories Department is delighted to announce the inaugural awarding of the CGLAS Art Monthly Prize for Critical Writing.

The prize is unique within the UK and judged by Chris McCormack Associate Editor and Production Manager of the highly influential journal Art Monthly who this year selected three outstanding theses from the BA (Fine Art) third year and one overall winner.

Chris commented on the ‘depth of research’ and ‘freshness of voice’ in the theses he read and remarked on their incredibly high level of critical thinking.

Nell Nicholas’ Exploring the Significance of Site in Michael Rakowitz’s “The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist”, and Cora Sehgal-Cuthbert’s  The Space Beneath: The Unintended Consequences of the Underpass, in Tallow by Joseph Beuys, This is England by Shane Meadows and Affect Bridge Age Regression by Mark Leckey were selected as the the runners-up, and Megan Elliot’s On Being Human:How is the body represented in Cécile B Evans’ What the Heart Wants was the 2018 overall winner.




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