Dick Onians master carver and inspirational tutor

While we are planning a full celebration of Dick Onian’s huge contribution to the Art School in early March 2018, we could not mark his last full day of teaching on 13th December 2017 without a very big and warm thank you.
Dick has been teaching Historic Carving Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma students at the City & Guilds of London Art School since 1977 and is widely recognised by students and staff as one of the most generous, thoughtful, knowledgeable and inspiring people any of us have had the pleasure of working with.
We very much look forward to seeing Dick again in February but for now here is a big cheers and thanks to Dick – we are relieved that he will be doing a few days a year still, but we will miss his regular presence a great deal. If we had the ability to bestow such an accolade, he would be up there as a Living National Treasure..

Senior Stone Carving Tutor Nina Bilbey says:
Dick Onians is one of those rare individuals you meet once in a life time. His extraordinary depth of knowledge is matched only by his practical skill. It has been an extraordinary honour to work with one of this countries true master carvers, I will miss his quiet manner and his sharp eye for detail. I can only hope that we, the staff and Art School, honour his legacy by continuing to pass on the unique skills he has bestowed upon us with such humility.



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