Centenary Remembrance Carved in Stone

Students and recent graduates on the Art School’s Diploma Architectural Stone Carving course (recently validated as BA (Hons) Historic Carving: Architectural Stone for 2019/20) were commissioned by The Fishmongers’ Company and The Haberdashers’ Company to carve two war memorials to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I (1914-1918).

Stone carvers Edgar Ward and George Edwards, who both graduated from the Art School in June 2018, were commissioned to design and carve a war memorial by The Haberdashers’ Company. Edgar and George designed and carved the Company’s coat of arms and the lettering respectively. The inscription reads: “For those members of the Company & its schools who fell in the service of their country. We will remember them”.

First and Second year Historic Carving Diploma students, Susan Aperghis, Daniel Burbidge, Tristan Delpouve and Heather Griffith, worked together on a memorial commemorating The Fishmongers’ Company members who lost their lives in the war. The memorial is made from four pieces of stone, which were shaped by Daniel. Heather, Tristan and Daniel carved the three main panels of lettering, whilst Susan carved and gilded the Latin inscription “Ad majorem dei gloriam pro rege pro patria”, which translates as “To the greater glory of God. For King. For Country.” and is an intentional echo of the inscription on the Menin Gate at Ypres. Susan also designed and carved the heraldic shield.

The two commissions were overseen by Tom Young, Senior Lettering Tutor at the Art School, who designed The Fishmongers’ Company’s memorial and lettering.  He runs his own letter cutting workshop in London.

The graduates and students worked on the commissions at Tom’s workshop and at the Art School over the summer break and the memorials have now both been installed in the livery companies’ grand Halls in London. Both Companies were delighted with their memorials with Dr David Bartle, The Haberdashers’ Company Archivist describing the work as “a triumph of carving and exactly what we were looking for”, and Peter Capon, The Fishmongers’ Company Head of Collection, calling their carving “a fitting tribute to both those who gave their lives and also those that worked to preserve life”, a reference to Fishmongers’ Hall’s tenure as a Royal Red Cross Hospital for the duration of the First World War.

Tom says “These were two important commissions that demonstrate the value of working collaboratively and the importance of understanding how to use lettering both as the dominant element of a design, but also in a supporting role to complement the drawing, modelling and carving skills learnt on the course.”

The Art School has had a long, collaborative relationship with many of the Livery Companies, including The Skinners’ Company, The Drapers’ Company and The Worshipful Company of Grocers.

Many of the Livery Companies support the Art School through charitable donations used for student bursaries, scholarships and prizes, and have helped fund the staged development of the Art School building, known as the Masterplan. They also work with our specialist tutors to offer students commissions, an integral part of preparation for professional practice.

As well as providing commissions, such as the war memorial, to the Art School, The Fishmongers’ Company currently supports an Art School-wide Menu Cover Design Prize, open to undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Art School, Masterplan development fund and our bursaries and scholarships scheme.

The quantity, variety and prestige of commissions that are available to students on our Historic Carving and Conservation degree courses, are one of the reasons these courses are so unique. Graduates are sought after in the art and heritage sector, with a high percentage finding work in their chosen field.


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