First year – Joinery and Woodcarving Workshop

This joinery and woodcarving workshop for our first year Conservation students, was run by Tutors Peter Bennett and Sarah Davis. The workshop is designed to teach the students how to observe and replicate ornament in an exacting way in order to prepare them for reproducing ornament that may be missing from an object they are conserving.

Firstly the students learnt to model and draw the ornament so they can produce an exact template to place on the wood they’re carving.  They were taught how to employ specialist tools and machinery and how to use them safely and effectively.

Then they focused on understanding the grain of the wood and which direction to carve it, swiftly followed by learning and developing a range of carving techniques. Not bad for one session!

The workshop was followed by an afternoon trip to the V&A to look at various examples of woodcarving and the different application of the skills the students learnt in the morning.

There are many synergies like this between the historic craft courses we teach at the Art School. In this case, our Historic Carving Department provided the expertise, tools and facilities we needed to give our Conservation students a fantastic grounding in ornamental woodcarving.



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