Kim Amis

Kim Amis teaches on four courses at the City & Guilds of London Art School: Fine Art, Historic Carving, Conservation, and Foundation. She is a senior associate lecturer at the University of the Arts and is currently external assessor at the Art Academy.

Kim Amis’s sculpture is concerned with observation of the life model, the human head, and portraiture. The work may involve the whole body, part of a body or the configuration of the head alone. The portraits involve the scrutiny and selection of external properties to reflect something of the internal personality or character. Her models may be strangers or people she knows well. She says “my work is often modelled in clay because of its palpable quality and the way it moves so easily, like the body, like flesh. It evolves through a process of part drawing, part painting, part construction, and is cast in a variety of materials including paper, plaster, resin, reconstituted stone and bronze.”

Her modelling and the meticulousness of her mold making and casting techniques have led to collaborative research projects with the National Portrait Gallery, the Whitechapel Gallery, the Forty Hall Museum & Estate, Shepperton Film Studios, and University College London.


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