Study Abroad

Study Abroad students join us for one or two terms, and can apply to study alongside our undergraduate students on any of the following courses:

BA (Hons) Fine Art

BA (Hons) Conservation: Stone, Wood & Decorative Surfaces

BA (Hons) Conservation: Books & Paper

BA (Hons) Carving: Woodcarving & Gilding

BA (Hons) Carving:  Architectural Stone 

Students are enrolled in the 1st or 2nd year of the course, at the discretion of the Head of Department. You can download Course Handbooks, which describe the academic content and structure of the courses, from the course pages. It’s important you discuss and agree your study plans with your advisers at your home institution, and if you or they would like to talk to our teaching staff about the course, we can arrange this.


Art Histories is an integral part of all our courses, and comprises about 15% of the course load. Through lectures, seminars and tutorials, leading experts introduce and open up discussion and debate on classical, modern, contemporary, global and emerging perspectives. Needless to say, excellent use is made of London’s world-renowned galleries, museums and historic buildings.


Your work is assessed at the end of your period of study here, and you will receive a Record of Study and Achievement from us not long after returning home.


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