Painting – Methods and Materials

“Josh was an incredible teacher, so knowledgeable and encouraging. The amount of materials provided was well worth the money and the community within class was fantastic.” Jessica

Level: Beginners

Tutor: Joshua Uvieghara

Dates: 1 – 5 July 2024

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Cost: £620



The course will explore different approaches to image construction driven by the materiality of paint. Starting at the level of pigment, various combinations of paint mediums, surfaces and applications will be experimented with in the realisation of both discovered and chosen subjects. This will be for those who are new to painting or who might already have significant experience.


You will explore various approaches in constructing images while gaining an understanding of the material potential of paint through a range of pigment/binder mixtures and paint/medium ratios introduced.

Both conventional and modern pigments and paints will be introduced as well as some diverse applications.

Various ways of preparing and constructing surfaces will be initiated to broaden your comprehension of related materials on this course.

Posing the question of whether a subject is necessary, to favour the notion of whether a structure can allow a subject to emerge. This will be discovered through the experimentation of materials introduced in a supportive learning environment.

You will consider various methods in pictorial realisation and gain some understanding of compositional approaches and ways of identifying source material and subjects. However, the focus will be on how an image can unfold through the substance and qualities of paint ratios mixtures and applications introduced. To begin to understand or gain more perception of the potential languages of paint and how the substance of relevant materialities, such as colour, resonate in pictorial ideas which will be explored.

What is included: Essential and most specialist quantities of materials which will be demonstrated and worked with are included. Although participants may be advised to bring extended material items to the session as the course progresses the form of:

What is not included: Brushes – please bring a range of sizes and types of brushes. These could range from domestic brushes from a DIY shop to professional brushes. Basic brush types: Flats (flat tipped), rounds (round tipped) or filberts (a type somewhere between a flat and a round brush


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