MA Conservation

Conservation students benefit from working with leading specialist professionals in the fields of conservation science; stone conservation; wood conservation; pigment analysis; gilding and decorative surfaces; carving; gesso; conservation ethics; art and design history; japanning; laser treatments; surface analysis and microscopy.

You can find out about the Conservation specialist tutors by clicking on their individual profiles listed below, while information about the Art Histories tutors can be found here. Alongside our exceptional team of tutors you will also come in to contact with our expert technicians as well as fellows and artists in residence.

Head of Department
Dr Marina Sokhan

Conservation Science
Dr David Peggie
Dr Tracey Chaplin
Dr Marina Sokhan

Conservation Ethics, philosophy, Preventive Conservation
Dr Naomi Luxford

Wood Conservation and Decorative Surfaces
Dana Melchar MA

Stone Conservation
Jennifer Dinsmore ACR
Vanessa Simeoni ACR


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