Senior Woodcarving Tutor interviewed in Woodcarving Magazine

Tom Ball, de Laszlo Senior Woodcarving Tutor and professional carver, was recently featured in the 200th edition of Woodcarving Magazine.

Interviewed by Guest Editor Steve Bisco, Tom discussed how he began his career, his training at City & Guilds of London Art School and his work in carving, conservation and restoration, including restoration work on Grinling Gibbons carvings.

The interview concluded with Tom asked, as a tutor, what advice he would give to someone thinking of pursuing a career in carving.

“Become as diverse as possible – woodcarving is a great skill but also concentrate on other areas like joinery, gilding, casting and letter cutting. Why also limit yourself to wood? Stone carving follows a very similar process and is a great way to increase your reach. I would also add that City & Guilds of London Art School is the go-to if you are serious about carving as a career. It is now the only place left in the country that offers full-time three-year courses in wood or stone carving and you can even do an MA in carving there. Finally, draw, draw and then draw. It really is the fundamental skill to get your head around understanding complex forms and movement. Best of luck and keep chipping away.”

Check out the 200th edition of Woodcarving Magazine to read the full interview.



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