The Big Circle Draw

On Saturday 20 October 2018, the Art School held an unusual group drawing class as part of The Big Draw 2018.  Our Big Circle Draw event, which was open to view by the public, was a traditional drawing class with a twist!


A group of Art School students and alumni sat in a large circle. With a continuing series of short exercises, each artist took it in turn to play model and every drawing produced by the circle was captured digitally to form an animation that grew as the afternoon continued.


The group was taught by City & Guilds of London Art School drawing tutor and co-author of ‘Drawing Projects: An Exploration of the Language of Drawing’, Jack Southern.

At the Art School we see drawing as fundamental to all our courses. Under the direction of Diane Magee, our Drawing Studio is at the heart of the Art School’s activities, primarily focusing on the role that observational drawing plays in stimulating and facilitating the development of artists and crafts specialists across our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree courses in Fine Art, Historic Carving and Conservation of cultural objects.

We hope to take part in The Big Draw 2019 – you can find out more information about our upcoming events here.




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