BA (Hons) Conservation: Stone, Wood & Decorative Surfaces

All the tutors are well-established professional specialists who work for some of the country’s most prestigious projects alongside teaching in the department. This ensures that the course is both critical and recognises industry standards and expectations. The tutors provide a network of professional contacts that frequently support future employment and placements. The department has an emphasis on contact time with specialist tutors, ensuring that each student has the regular contact and support that studying conservation demands.

You can find out about the Conservation specialist tutors by clicking on their individual profiles listed below, while information about the Art Histories tutors can be found here. Alongside our exceptional team of tutors you will also come in to contact with our expert technicians as well as fellows and artists in residence.

Head of Department
Dr Marina Sokhan

Conservation Science
Dr Tracey Chaplin
Dr David Peggie
Dr Joanna Russell ACR
Dr Marina Sokhan

Conservation Ethics, philosophy, Preventive Conservation
Katy Lithgow ACR
Dr Naomi Luxford

Wood Conservation and Decorative Surfaces
Dana Melchar MA – Leading Tutor
Gerry Alabone ACR 
Sophie Barton ACR
Hugi Hicyilmaz
Alison Seed ACR

Stone Conservation
Jennifer Dinsmore ACR – Leading Tutor
Louise Ashon
Sarah Healey-Dilkes ACR
Vanessa Simeoni ACR

Craft Skills
Kim Amis
Sarah Davis
Joel Hopkinson
Rian Kanduth
Diane Magee
Alex Schouvaloff
Tom Young









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