Travel Grants

While travelling is today is almost taken for granted, we find that many of our students have yet to benefit from the inspiring and mind-opening experience that is to visit another country and culture. Travel Grants can be to a specific destination, be based on a research project, or support a specific workshop or work experience.

The Art School also raises funds to assist students who cannot afford to travel so that they are able to take part in activities like study trips or workshops.

Examples of study trips and workshops are the annual trip to Venice for second year Carvers and Conservators; the annual trip to Germany organised for Fine Artists; the tour of various cathedral workshops for first year Carvers and Conservators; and the highly specialist scagliola workshop for Conservators that is held in northern Italy over the summer. These tailored experiences are extremely enriching for students, providing a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration.

These, like other opportunities developed thanks to the Art School’s professional network, are a unique learning experience that we are proud to be able to offer our students. And where possible, we want to make sure that no student is disadvantaged by lack of funds.

Prizes & Awards

At the Art School we have a range of prizes generously provided by a number of benefactors, as well as from the Art school’s modest investment income form past bequests and legacies. These prizes have ranged in value from to £100 to £5000 and are selected based on existing work, commissions and ‘live projects’.

Prizes provide students with financial rewards and useful recognition of their professional practice that can be featured on their CVs, as well as offering students opportunities to learn first hand about the commissioning process and about presenting their work or proposals to possible clients.


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