Gabrielle Lockwood-Estrin

Gabrielle’s practice is based around attempting to put shape and form to feelings of insecurity and loss in times of forced change. She is interested in how we react to the space around us including both what is physically there and our perceptions and feelings toward it. We are frequently changing states in order to fit in with changes around us. Each situation has its own set of unwritten rules to negate. Gabrielle is interested in how ‘difference’ is dealt with. When someone does not ‘fit’ in one-way or another. Who in this situation is forced to change or adapt? She is interested in the collective and the individual and which is prioritized during times of change. Her work comes about through process driven activity, becoming a metaphor to ways of reacting to situations that are constantly in flux.

Over the course of the fellowship Gabrielle has worked with printmaking in a process based way. Combining intaglio techniques to create multi layered prints in series. She works by reacting to the previous layer and previous days result. During the time as a fellow Gabrielle has also had the opportunity to take up residencies in Dumfries House, Scuola International de Venezia, and in Havana, Cuba.



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