Site-Responsive Practices: A Summer School at Van Gogh House

Level: Beginners

Facilitator: Clémentine Bedos, Transdisciplinary Artist & Previous Resident at Van Gogh House

Dates: 1-5 July 2024

Time: 10:00 – 17:00

Cost: £560



Immerse yourself in the transformative world of site-responsive practices at Van Gogh House this summer. Guided by Clémentine Bedos, a transdisciplinary artist and former resident of Van Gogh House, this week-long course invites participants to delve into the site’s rich history and personal resonance, culminating in the creation of unique artistic interventions. From unearthing hidden narratives to crafting atmospheric experiences, embark on a journey of artistic discovery and self-expression.


Throughout the week, participants will engage in a dynamic blend of text-based and somatic approaches, utilising writing, drawing, visualisation, meditation, movement, and more to craft site-specific and public-facing interventions. Delve into the embedded histories of the site, recounting untold narratives and expressing them through your own idiosyncratic language. Key learning objectives include sensing the site’s resonance, cultivating embodiment, engaging audiences, and upholding ethical considerations.

Key Learning Objectives:

– Sensing the site’s resonance with the body: excavating stories and weaving new narratives

– Cultivating embodied presence in relation to space and others

– Engaging audiences through participation and interaction

– Exploring text-based and somatic approaches to develop time-based practices

– Utilising objects and everyday technologies to support a plot or narrative

– Developing the internal logic of a work and setting intentions

– Working within constraints and embracing risk-taking

– Scripting or scoring to guide performance progression while leaving space for improvisation

– Crafting atmosphere through sensory decisions

– Upholding safeguarding principles: empowerment, ethical considerations, access needs, trigger warnings

– Practicing self-care and sustaining creative practice

– Documentation of site-specific practice

Course Methodology:

My approach is playful, collaborative, and experiential, fostering a supportive environment for exploration and growth. Participants will engage in hands-on activities, reflective discussions, and practical exercises, culminating in the creation of impactful site-responsive interventions.


Step into the world of site-responsive practice and unleash your creativity at Van Gogh House this summer. Build confidence, hone your skills, and forge connections with fellow artists in this immersive learning experience.

What’s included: all teaching, and access to on-site materials.

What isn’t included: meals/refreshments. Please remember to bring snacks, water, a notebook, and a pen.

Note: Participants will be asked to bring objects to experiment with, such as props and technological devices. Additionally, during each session, you will be required to prepare something for the following session and bring it with you the next day


10% discount available for City & Guilds of London Art School students, alumni and staff. Contact to receive the discount code.


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