The Wood Workshop

The Wood Workshop is available to all students in the Art School.

The wood workshop is run by artist David MacDiarmid. The workshop has a Thickness Planer, Jointer, Band Saws, Pilar Drill, Belt/Disk Sander, Bobbin Sander, Scroll Saw, Mitre saw, Morso Mitre Cutter, Wood Lathe as well as hand tools and power tools. The workshop is available for all students to use, but is most commonly used by painting students for making stretchers and frames. Painting students who make use of the workshop during their studies leave the course able to make their own frames and stretchers using basic equipment that they themselves will own. Woodcarving students use the facilities for reducing and initial shaping, and sculpture students use the facilities in all manner of ways for producing work. For the final year Show, students from all departments may want to use the facilities to make plinths, display cases and portfolio stands.


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