Zoe Schoenherr

My research began with an obsession for perfecting movement up an accessibility slope in a newly designed architectural extension. As my research developed theories regarding embodiment started to influence and disciplines outside of sculpture including, contact improvisation dance, accessibility engineering, environmental psychology and spatial research in architecture, were used as a source of building a holistic understanding for my aim. This approach transformed the idea of the sensing body from being in contact with architecture, to being in connection with architecture, as though our surrounding is an extension of our own body.

Whilst at City & Guilds of London Art School, I have been developing techniques in wood that can later be incorporated into sculptural designs. This intention is part of an ongoing project based on the haptic sense and visual impairment, which I began whilst working as an artist-in-residence at UCL Civil engineering. These pieces merge traditional carving techniques with contemporary fine art experimentation, whilst attempting to address how inanimate structural forms can appear both supportive and malleable for interaction.

Website: www.zoeschoenherr.co.uk


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