Another Year of Outstanding Results in the National Student Survey

The Art School is once again delighted to announce that our graduating students ranked their experience at the Art School extremely highly in the National Student Survey (NSS), surpassing the benchmark for higher education providers in all areas. These results follow similarly excellent results for the Art School in the 2018 NSS.

97.3% of our final year students who graduated in June 2019 and were eligible to complete the 2019 survey, agreed with the statement, ‘Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course’. This response was ‘Significantly above the benchmark’ set at 79.92%.

Other scores that were rated by the NSS as being ‘Significantly above the benchmark’ include:

‘The course is intellectually stimulating’ – 100% agreed, 17.2% above the benchmark

‘My course has challenged me to achieve my best work’ – 97.3% agreed, 16.9% above the benchmark

I have been able to access course specific resources (eg equipment, facilities, software, collections) when I needed to’ – 94.59% agreed, 20.7% above the benchmark

These outstanding results are testament to the Art School’s commitment to provide students with an immersive Arts education in a small, supportive community, with high levels of contact time with tutors who are all artists and practitioners at the top of their fields and generous studio space with regular access to specialist facilities.

The results of the NSS, commissioned by the Office for Students, are one of the most important tools used by applicants deciding which higher education institution to attend. The data is also used to support institutions improve their student experience.

The survey asks final year students to rank all aspects of their experience of studying on their chosen course and includes statements on teaching, learning opportunities, academic support, learning resources, student voice and more.

As well as the NSS results, we gather feedback directly from our students, graduates, student representative forum and staff teams to ensure that we continue to offer our students the best possible learning experience and the support they need to excel in their chosen discipline.





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