Private: MA Art & Material Histories

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To fit around your existing commitments, we offer the course on a full-time basis over one year or part-time over two years. Additionally, to increase accessibility, there are two distinct modes of study.

On-site: This mode of study enables you to engage with the facilities and workshops at the Art School. You will share a collective studio hub with other students from the course.

Low residency: Following an initial week-long induction to the Art School that will introduce you to a range of workshops and research methodologies, you will engage with the course online from anywhere in the world.

Both modes of study: You will participate in weekly discussion groups, enabling dialogue between on-site and low residency learners. Approximately halfway through the course, you will present your research and be given the opportunity for critique, exchange, and feedback. Upon completion of the course, you will be supported to present your research in a form appropriate to it. A space will be provided as part of the MA Shows, but you will not be expected to produce a Fine Art exhibition. You will be encouraged and supported to consider the methods and platforms that can best convey your research in innovative forms.

The Course Handbook for continuing students in 2023 is available here.


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