Alexandra Kosinova

Alexandra (Sasa) Kosinova is an ICON accredited sculpture and wallpaintings conservator with 30 years of experience.


  • 1984-88:
    Partner in Kosinova Thorn. Specialised in conservation of wallpaintings, sculpture and architectural paint. Pigment and cross-section analysis. Projects in Australia and UK.
  • 1988-92:
    Self-employed conservator. Worked on own projects and as assistant to other
    conservators. Specialised in polychrome finishes on various substrates.
  • 1992-2002:
    Full-time member of staff, Sculpture Conservation, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.
    Polychrome, wood, stone, terracotta, plaster, stucco, ivory, semi-precious stones, amber. Pigment and cross-section analysis.
  • Since 2002: Self-employed conservator specialising in sculpture, wall paintings,
    polychrome finishes and pigment and cross section analysis.
    Clients include Tate Gallery, Wallace Collection and Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood in London, Barber Institute in Birmingham or Downing College in Cambridge.
    Site Conservator for Czech Institute of Egyptology in 2004, 2013 and 2014 in Abusir, and 2009 in Bahariya.
    Two stages of conservation of TT69, Tomb of Menna in the Valley of the Nobles, Luxor, 2007-8 with Melinda Hartwig.
    Microscopy: Cross section and pigment analysis
    Experience in teaching
  • City & Guilds of London Art School in London since 2010: Yearly 5-day workshop “Filling and Retouching of three-dimensional works of art”. Since 2014 supervision of third year students.
    Also taught 2-day version of the same workshop to staff of Sculpture Conservation Section of the Tate Gallery London in 2012.


  • IIC (International Institute for Conservation), Individual Member
  • ICON (Institute for Conservation), Accredited Member and member of Wallpaintings and Decorative Arts Groups)


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