Welcome to a Real Art School

City & Guilds of London Art School has been operating as an independent not-for-profit Higher Education provider with charitable status since 1971.

The Art Schools educational activities are governed by the Board of Trustees of the City and Guilds of London Art School Limited.

The Board of Trustees of the Art School has a number of committees including: Nominations Committee; Audit & Risk Committee; Remunerations Committee; Site & Environment Sub-Committee; and Academic Board

Trustees of City and Guilds of London Art School Limited
Company No. 07817519
Charity No. 1144708

Andrew Allen QC
Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton
Anne Beckwith-Smith LVO
Laurence Benson (Deputy Chair)
Jyoti Bharwani (Student Trustee & Chair of Students 2019/20)
Nina Bilbey (Staff Trustee 2019-21)
Jamie Bill (Chair)
Dr Virginia Brooke
Dr Caroline Campbell
Brendan Finucane QC
Gabriel Gbadamosi
Martin Hatfull
James Kelly
Russell Martin
Tamiko O’Brien (Ex Officio Trustee & Principal)
Michael Osbaldeston
Professor Jane Rapley OBE
James Roundell
Professor Elizabeth Rouse
Alex Stitt
Ben Tucker

Company Secretary: Wesley Schol (Head of Academic Affairs & Quality)

Alongside the Art School charity is a sister charity, the City and Guilds Art School Property Trust, that owns and manages the buildings and the masterplan development project. A Joint Development Advisory Working Group assists both charities and includes Trustees from both charities.

Trustees of City & Guilds Art School Property Trust
Company No. 992490
Charity No. 312871

John Taylor MBE (Chair)
Humphrey Carey
Aidan Crawshaw
Brendan Finucane
Heather Hilburn
William Parente CBE
Sir Alan Yarrow

Company Secretary: Magnus von Wistinghausen (Director of the Property Trust)

Joint Development Advisory Working Group

Brendan Finucane (Chair)
Anne Beckwith-Smith LVO
Dr Caroline Campbell
Patricia Castanha (Advisor)
James Kelly
Matthew Turnbull
Wilf Weeks OBE


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