2017 Prizes and Awards

The annual Degree Show Ceremony and Prize Giving is a highlight of the year, celebrating the accomplishments of our talented BA (Hons) and Diploma students.

This year’s event featured remarks by Gabriel Gbadamosi, a writer and poet who was previously our Royal Literary Fund Fellow, as well as from final-year students Oli Epp, Jeanette Gunnarsson and Will Ellyard. Below are a few images, followed by the full list of prize winners. Congratulations to all, and very many thanks to all the donors who support our students in this way.

Gabriel Gbadamosi

Oli Epp and Jeanette Gunnarsson

Will Ellyard

2017 Prizes and Awards

The Idun Ravndal Travel Award: Silje Jorgensen & Nell Nicholas
The Skinners’ Company Philip Connard Travel Prize: Polly Bennett
The David Ballardie Memorial Travel Award: William Hopkins
The Brinsley Ford Travel Award: George Edwards

The Artichoke Printmaking Prize: Natalia Gonzalez Martin, Hannah Hill & Liz Middleton
The Slaughterhaus Printmaking Prize: Natalia Gonzalez Martin
The Printmaking Prize for Technical Excellence: Clementine Hanbury
The Skinners’ Company Stephen Gooden Prize for Engraving: Polly Bennett & Giulia Lodigiani

The Surveyors’ Club Drawing Prize: Sarah Davis
The Taylor Pearce Drawing Prize: Wilfe Gorlin

The Art School Prize for the Best Contributor to the Art Histories Programme: Natalia Gonzalez Martin
The Brian Till Art History Prize for Humanities Thesis: Sam Elgar

The Art School Prize for Gilding & Decorative Surfaces for a Conservation Student: Harriet Lewars
The Michael Legg Prize: Tina Kenward
The Art School Prize for Best Conservation Research: India Carpenter
The Art School Prize for best Practical Conservation Project: Maria Ines Bravo
The Venice in Peril Residency: Jasmin Mackenzie & Anais Vlahakis

The Artists Collecting Society Undergraduate Prize: Andrew Loggie
The Art School Andrew Vass Prize for Experimental Drawing: Lucas Dupuy
The Fishmongers’ Company Beckwith Scholarship for Sculpture: Polly Bennett
The Art School Sculpture Prize: Jordan Heighes
The Merlin Entertainments’ Group Madame Tussauds’ Project Fund Award for a Continuing Student: Maria Positano
The Merlin Entertainments’ Group Madame Tussauds’ Merit Award for a Graduating Student: Kirsty Armstrong
The Chadwyck-Healey Prize for Painting: Jeanette Gunnarsson
The Painter-Stainers Scholarship Prize: Coco Morris
The Acme City & Guilds of London Art School Studio Award: Lucas Dupuy

The Neil Shannon Memorial Award for Stonecarving: Thomas Clarke-Collins
The Masons’ Company – Outstanding Work by a Graduating Student: Liz Middleton
The Masons’ Company – Studentship and Commitment for a Continuing Student: Richard Barnes
Master Carvers Prize for a Final Year Student: Sam Elgar
The Art School Lettering Prize: Sam Elgar
The William Wheeler Woodcarving Prize for Outstanding Work: Kristy Flood

The Fishmongers’ Company Menu Cover Design Prize: Justine Formentelli
The Honourable Society of the Knights of the Round Table Award: Richard Barnes, Sarah Davis & Melaney Gibson-Davies
The InterEsse Prize: Hannah Hill, Liz Middleton & Lucas Dupuy
The Art School Board of Trustees Prize for an Outstanding Piece of Work in the Graduate Show: Oliver Epp


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