Welcome to a Real Art School

City & Guilds of London Art School welcomes students from all backgrounds, age-groups and walks of life. We believe that the rich diversity of our community is fundamental to our character and to our mission to foster excellence in art and craft. It informs the ways we help our students succeed in their learning aspirations and progress on their educational journeys, producing both inspired practitioners and confident professionals in the fields of Conservation, Fine Art, Carving, Art Histories and Art and Design

We are a small, specialist institution, committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for each and every applicant and student, to enable everyone to participate fully in all aspects of Art School life, to be inspired by the education we provide and to derive the greatest possible benefit from it.

We do this in many different ways.

We treat each student as an individual, each with their own talents and strengths, and tailor the design and delivery of our courses to enable each student to make the most of their potential and exceed their own expectations.

We are committed to small group and 1-1 teaching, which enables students to receive regular feedback on their work, that is both scheduled and formal as well as informal and as required. We believe that this is the most effective way to support student learning.

Our courses are taught by practising artists, craftspeople, designers and conservators who themselves come from a wide range of different backgrounds and are passionately committed to passing on their skills to a new generation. They also facilitate access for our students to a wide range of employers and live projects in the creative industries and cultural institutions across London, the UK and beyond. You can find information about student employment opportunities from the ‘What our Alumni’ say tab for each course.

We provide each student throughout their course with both structured tutorial support for their academic studies and also access to their own pastoral tutor in case of personal difficulties.

We provide both practical and academic support where possible for people with a disability or learning difference, or who have other needs such as religious observance or parenting requirements, to enable them to participate in Art School educational and social life alongside their peers.

We encourage applications to the Art School from all who wish to benefit from undertaking one of our courses. We ensure, through our commitment to recognise and accredit previous learning or other experience, equal consideration for those who do not meet the formal entry requirements.

We provide a number of grants (bursaries) and financial assistance to help those who may have difficulty funding their studies, and once enrolled, our students have opportunities to apply for funding towards materials and study travel as well as hardship funds should their circumstances change.

We are also continually looking for ways to engage with our local and the wider community through our public facing activities, including through our National Saturday Club for 13-16 year olds, annual degree shows and participation in London Craft Week, London Open House weekend, ‘Creative Dimension Trust’ workshops and other such initiatives. We hope through these activities not only to enrich the lives of our neighbours but also to attract potential new artists, craftspeople and conservators who may be excited and inspired by our students’ work and wish to study themselves.

You can read all our full policies and plans about access and participation and other aspects of the student experience, including our transparency data, here.



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