Welcome to a Real Art School

TUTORS: all of our tutors are practicing artists or active professionals in their specialist fields.  You can view course tutor teams and their profiles in the course sections.

TECHNICIANS: our technicians are active practitioners, they are available to support students with the production of their work and support our emphasis on hands-on skills and embodied knowledge.

FELLOWS: across all departments, fellows engage with the Art School’s community while developing their practice and participating in Art School exhibitions and events.

OPERATIONAL & PROFESSIONAL ADMIN: from finance, to site management, to admissions, these are the people who take care of the administrative and operational side of the Art School.

SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM: SMT manage the Art School, leading on the Strategic Development Plan, key projects and policy development and report to the Board of Trustees.

HONORARY AWARDS: our Honorary Awards recognise the exceptional contribution made by individuals to either the Art School or to wider society, and are awarded on an annual basis.


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