Welcome to a Real Art School

Across the Art School’s main disciplines of contemporary fine art, the conservation of historic objects, wood and stone carving and art histories, we foster an abiding focus on materiality. We think materials have an intrinsic importance in the fine art and craft skills we teach and that have been practised throughout history.

In order to interrogate the integrity of materials further, we have developed a discussion series called Material Matters. Material Matters, sets out to explore a specific material through a range of approaches: from exhibitions to lectures; pecha kucha to symposia; and from commissioned essays to interviews.

In 2016/17, Material Matters focused on wood, followed by pigment in 2018/20 and clay during 2020/21. The current material under the spotlight is paper.

Visit our Material Matters website for details of events, discussions and activities within the Material Matters research programme.



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