BA (Hons) Conservation: Books & Paper

What is it really like to study at the City & Guilds of London Art School? Where can my career take me after graduation? And what will I bring with me from my days at the Art School?

If you are curious about these questions, read what our alumni say in the case studies below.


Cleaning lacquer.

The BA Conservation course at City & Guilds is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever undertaken. The sheer scale of the course and the range of subjects students are expected to excel in cannot be understated. I can vividly remember that mingled sense of excitement and trepidation on receiving my first term’s timetable. […]

- Alex Owen

I was attracted to the Conservation Studies course at City & Guilds, by what I perceived to be a unique emphasis on developing historic craft skills and a comprehensive teaching of conservation science theory. On the day of our graduation, Dr Marina Sokhan reminded my year group that for every module we had studied during […]

- Ffion Howells

Senior Furniture Conservator at the Wallace Collection, London

- Jurgen Huber

What really stayed with you from your time at the Art School?All the different pathways it introduced to me – I left with a lot of options I would never have guessed existed when I began, and an amazing community of clever, kind people to call on when questions come up! It’s been ten years, […]

- Clementine Nuttall

“With many Conservation graduates in various institutions across London and the country, the course is particularly valuable as it has a good reputation and provides opportunities to meet professional conservators”

- Joshua Dales

What really stayed with you from your time at the Art School? The emphasis on craft skills was challenging but highly rewarding. I found the skills I picked up in life-drawing vital in teaching me how to really look and critically assess an object, which I have consistently needed in conservation. What did you work […]

- Mark Searle

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